Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Cottage by the Water

The idea of living by the water in a cottage some day is something that I dream of often. There is just something about the laid back cottage lifestyle that I am so drawn to as well as the aesthetics of a beautifully decorated beach bungalow or cottage.

 In my dreams my cottage is almost always white. It is a bit shabby with painted furniture but adorned with beautiful vintage chandeliers. It is comfortable enough that you feel you can plop down anywhere and read a book or take an afternoon nap, yet elegant enough to dress for dinner. It is home to vintage finds and hunted treasures but nothing to dear.  A place where friends and family can gather for drinks around an old farm table lit up by a candelabra as the sun sinks low in the sky.

That is the vision I hope to one day turn into a reality.  Until then I will continue to dream and be  inspired by some of the lovely images below from Coastal Living.



Friday, April 26, 2013

Kitchen - Before and After

The small kitchen in our house was certainly not the worst kitchen in the world but it was also not good.  After we moved in we immediately changed the floor and then started changing out the contractor stock appliances, counter tops and added a tin back splash for a little character – But it was definitely time for the oak to go!  

 Although I would have loved to have all new custom white cabinetry, carrara marble or soapstone countertops and the latest high end appliances, these things were just not in the budget.  Fortunately I knew that I could get a stylish kitchen that would reflect what I love by being creative, resourceful and enhancing what I already had. 
By painting the existing oak cabinets a lovely shade of white, Sherwin Williams Alabaster to be precise, adding a small decorative molding, vintage cup pulls and brushed nickel knobs I was able to get a look similar to what I would have chosen had I went with new cabinetry - fresh and white with a vintage feel. 

 We continued on by painting all of the trim white as well as painting the oak banisters black and white - a classic look that I have always loved. We then added a new table, chairs and rug.

 The end result is a stylish and current kitchen that reflects my taste perfectly.  The best part is that we didn’t have to go broke to have a kitchen that we love.  
Another great benefit in not overspending on your re-design is that you don’t have to feel guilty when you want to change things up again. Stay tuned - changes on the way! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautiful Home Tour

Today I would like to take you on a tour of one of my favorite homes which was designed by the award-winning Harrison Design Associates. This talented design firm works throughout the United States as well as internationally and creates projects that are inspired by classical and modern architecture with end results that are beautiful, functional and always exceptional. Enjoy!
All Photography by Jim Bartsch

Monday, April 22, 2013

Power of Paint

I would love to eventually begin a Power of Paint series here on Piers and Chandeliers to showcase the impact that paint can have in so many different projects. Paint is the most affordable way to increase the value of our homes, enhance the beauty of our spaces and turning the ordinary into remarkable. Those of us that are lucky enough to be good painters the possibilities are endless and for the rest of us - it is a good idea to have a talented and reasonable painter in your good graces. 

Until then I would like to share with you a fun project that my girlfriend created for her daughter with paint. She transformed a typical cedar play station into an attractive, charming and elegant little playhouse. 

The wood was painted white and the playhouse was given faux red brick walls, windows and window boxes overflowing with flowers and even climbing vines - all resembling the big house. Grey stones were painted to lead the way up to the playhouse as well as on the bottom just as the stone path leads you through the garden.

A wisteria covered arbor meets you as you enter the garden and and then continue to meander down the path to this sweet little mini home and play area that not only look beautiful in the yard but will bring hours of fun and laughter to the children that are lucky enough to play here.

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