Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Cottage by the Water

The idea of living by the water in a cottage some day is something that I dream of often. There is just something about the laid back cottage lifestyle that I am so drawn to as well as the aesthetics of a beautifully decorated beach bungalow or cottage.

 In my dreams my cottage is almost always white. It is a bit shabby with painted furniture but adorned with beautiful vintage chandeliers. It is comfortable enough that you feel you can plop down anywhere and read a book or take an afternoon nap, yet elegant enough to dress for dinner. It is home to vintage finds and hunted treasures but nothing to dear.  A place where friends and family can gather for drinks around an old farm table lit up by a candelabra as the sun sinks low in the sky.

That is the vision I hope to one day turn into a reality.  Until then I will continue to dream and be  inspired by some of the lovely images below from Coastal Living.



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