Thursday, May 30, 2013


It has been a very eventful week for me and a little bit bittersweet as my "baby" has graduated 8th grade.  I am so proud of him and excited about all of the great things to come in his future but I can't help feeling like I want him to be little again.  I love him so much and know that he will continue to amaze us with his accomplishments - but please SLOW down with the growing up thing.  Congratulations Buddy!


  1. Such a handsome young man!
    I have two children and my baby girl is graduating from hs later this week! Come Late August we will be empty nesters .. So not ready for that!!!


    1. Oh Thank you so much! He is a terrific kid. His brother - my oldest graduates from High School next year. I really can't believe how fast they grow. I miss them so much and they are still at home. They are just so busy with their lives and their friends - I would do anything to have them young again!


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