Friday, June 14, 2013

Martha's Vineyard - Menemsha

As I mentioned in my first post about Martha’s Vineyard – it is just too beautiful to sum up in one post. My first was mainly about Edgartown, which in my opinion is the most picture perfect village ever. I just love it there and always stay there when I visit the island and this post is about another favorite - Menemsha.

Although Marthas Vineyard is only 20 miles long it has several different towns and each have their own distinct identity and character. Menemsha is an old picturesque fishing village located on the island. It is so beautifully rustic and unique with weathered shingled homes sitting atop bluffs, adorable little shops with great antiques and nautical finds, a beautiful beach and the lovely Menemsha pond.
The harbor is still very active and is a great place to sit and watch the fishing boats coming in and out as you are surrounded by lobster cages and buoys. There is no place better than Menemsha to enjoy fresh seafood from any of the fish markets that line the docks. Bring your own bottle of wine as this part of the island is “dry”, have a seat on an old crate or bench and enjoy the surroundings as you watch the boats come in with the catch of the day.

Menemsha is also a popular spot for artists and photographers and for very good reason. The natural beauty of the area is spectacular as it seems so unspoiled and where the land meets the sea – it really is breathtaking. Many people bring their picnics to the Menemsha beach to enjoy the sun set which is always beautiful.
 Isn't it so pretty?


  1. Just found your blog via Sew Many Ways...this post hits close to home--my daughter lives on MV. I have eaten on that little beach and watched the sunset. What a lovely spot! That little fish market has wonderful chowder!
    See my post:

  2. I just started looking up Marthas Vineyard Rentals for my Wedding. It looks like a beautiful place to get married. I don't want a big wedding I just want a nice one.


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