Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Cabanas

When we were in Myrtle Beach I absolutely fell in love with these great little houses that were along the ocean. They are certainly tiny but so perfect right there in the dunes among the sand and sea grass. There is no parking or curbs so it was a bit difficult to get photos - that is why I only got pictures of two of them. I would have done anything to get a look at the interiors.

I was finally able to find some information on them and learned that this area is called the cabana district and they are only 200 square feet and 12 feet high. The cabanas are in very high demand and those who are intent on buying and cabana that becomes available are wait listed.

The funny thing is that nobody is really sure how the cabanas came to be. The theories are that they belonged to the homes across the street or to a hotel that was once there.

They would be so much fun to decorate - it is said that because of the small space, interior designers use boat cabins for their inspiration.

They really are unique and lovely - aren't they?

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