Monday, July 8, 2013

Outdoor Shower

As much as I loved the bathroom in the old cottage of my childhood with the pedestal sink and stand alone tub, there was one thing missing - where was the shower? I had well grown out of baths and Mr. Bubbles and was used to only taking showers and no matter how clean that tub was - I could not help but think of all the people that had been in that tub before me. So my Dad bought an inexpensive shower head attachment for the outdoor hose at the hardware store and rigged up a very rudimentary outdoor shower for me. I loved it - being able to rinse off the days sand and suntan lotion under a blue sky shaded and screened by trees and the landscape. It may not have been very luxurious but it was indeed a true luxury.

I would love to undertake an outdoor shower project at the lake to recapture the enjoyment of my youth and share it with my own boys. Below is some of my inspiration.

Photo by Bruce Buck
Photo by Brian Vanden Brink
Photo by Whitlaw Llewellyn
I also love the outdoor shower that Erin from Just Grand and her husband built at their cottage on Lake Michigan - Check out the project here.

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  1. Beautiful post! I have some of the same inspiration photos in my dream file that you have in yours! The top one looks so enchanting and so doable anywhere!


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