Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Cocktails - Drink Garnishes

During the summer everything feels like a celebration and our refreshing cocktails should look as festive we feel.  Here are a few garnishes that are a great way to dress up your drinks:

Lime Zest
Use a vegetable peeler to cut a narrow strip of lemon peel and twine it around in the glass.  Slice a lemon round in half and place on top of the glass.

Orange Spiral 
Cut a narrow strip of orange peeler with a channel knife.  Twine it around by hooking one end to top of a glass and the other around the stem.

Pineapple Chunk or Stalks
Cut a chuck of pineapple to adorn the top of your glass or cut two long squared strips to stand up in the glass - one being a little taller than the other.  Top the tallest strip with a cherry using a toothpick.


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